Markets in Kashmore and Ghotki are filled with non-certified seeds and selection and purchase of seeds has become a matter of grave concern and worry for the farmers. Haider Balkani, a farmer from village Noor Muhammad Balkani told that last season he wasted around 90,000 rupees on the purchase of seeds which never get enough germination. They have to blindly trust the vendors about the quality of seeds and there is no way to avoid that loss. In many cases, even very good branded seeds have got mixing of non-fertile seeds and farmers have to bear the losses.

During farmer field school in his village, the facilitator taught them a simple germination test technique where 100 to 200 seeds are put in a piece of jute and then watered for 5 days. Within a week the seeds start germination and farmer can count how many seeds have germinated. This technique was demonstrated to the farmers and now they get sample seeds from any vendor in the market along with its claimed germination ratio. The farmers can themselves test the level of germination and decide whether or not to buy a particular seed from a given vendor. Haider told that now he and other farmers are more confident during seed purchase and it has saved their money.