Women open schools (WOS) are helping women by training them about improved ways of growing vegetables close to their homes as kitchen gardens. Such kitchen gardens not only provide a source of nutritious food items for the family but also provide extra source of income as well. During the Kharif season four WOSs has supported more than hundred women in establishing their kitchen gardens, exploring the sowing of various combinations of vegetables and getting interesting results. WOSs in Muzaffargarh have been exceptionally successful where women tried establishing kitchen gardens in Thal area having sandy soil and very limited water supply. Other than the expected outputs in terms of knowledge enhancement, vegetable production and income enhancement, some WOS have resulted in some interesting but unexpected outputs.

Saint Marry women open schools in village Azizabad in District Muzaffargarh is one such example. WOS activities are organized in a way that they require extensive inputs from member in terms of writing charts, drawing shapes of vegetables, plants, flowers, pests and presenting the findings to groups on weekly basis. The process allows women to refresh their writing, reading and presenting skills. Razia Bibi (32303-5658287-8) shared that not only her learning has improved about ways of growing vegetables but she has also gained confidence to use his basic literacy skills that she learned around 35 years ago. She said that I have studied up to grade five only and during these 35 years of my married life I never got chance to write or read. Although I am now running a small shop in the village but still facing problem in keeping written record. When she joined the Women Open school she started to use charts, markers and writing during different interactive activities which has proved to be catalyst in improving her skills of   record keeping at shop. Razia said that it might look a small task but to me it has given enormous happiness that now I can independently manage record of my shop and holding a pen in hands itself make me feel empowered and encouragement.